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One creek at a time.

Deckers Creek

Meandering and descending through a steep gorge, this beautiful tributary is filled with waterfalls, boulders, and rock slides, making it an attractive destination for kayakers and rock climbers.


Over the years, Deckers Creek has suffered. Acid mine drainage (AMD) from West Virginia's many abandoned coal mines and other pollutants harm the 64 square mile watershed and destroy natural habitats.

What We Do

Friends of Deckers Creek works to clean up the decades of environmental degradation inflicted on our watershed through AMD remediation projects, trash clean-ups, community outreach, and environmental education.

News and Events

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Friends of Deckers Creek

Friends of Deckers Creek (FODC) is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve and monitor the water quality of Deckers Creek. Deckers Creek meanders through Preston and Monongalia counties in West Virginia connecting several communities along its route.
Jordan Fodc
Jordan Fodc1 day ago
Beautiful scenes to be found daily on Deckers Creek.
Daniel Gifford
Daniel Gifford4 days ago
They're working hard down on Deckers, building the new walking bridge... but everyone put down what they were doing to watch this happen.

Just incredible....
Jordan Fodc
Jordan Fodc6 days ago
Brush off the ice and get out an enjoy the sun today! Thick ice on the creek is melting fast today, but we hope some stays around to provide insulation for the resurgent trout populations! Find out more about how fish survive the deep freeze by visiting NOAA's web site at ://
Holly Purpura
Holly Purpura1 week ago
I hope everyone is staying warm during these freezing days! We at FODC sure are trying to make the best out of a snowy situation. (Especially since we have this awesome hill right next to the office!) #sledding #snowyhills
Jordan Fodc
Jordan Fodc2 weeks ago
A winter scene at the OLP with a clear day and full sun made some very cool/cold pictures, get out and find your diamond in the rough, bundle up and go explore!

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