Youth Action Board

What is YAB?

The FODC Youth Action Board (YAB) serve as leaders and stewards in the Deckers Creek watershed through service learning activities. This group of youth aged 12 through 18 help the community strive for cleaner water and a cleaner creek. YAB promotes youth participation in the restoration and conservation of the Deckers Creek watershed, along with sharing education of environmental processes and wildlife habitats.


What are YAB projects like?

YAB projects are directed towards benefiting local streams, watersheds, and community members. This includes stream monitoring for water quality, litter clean-ups, raising recycling awareness, environmental education and outreach, and hosting annual fundraising events. YAB members create their own service project ideas and lead the way to carry them out.

YAB is always looking for new members! If you are 18 and younger, interested in helping our community and restoring the health of Deckers Creek, we want you with us! YAB is a great way to meet new young people who care about the environment. It is also a fun way to gain experience in watershed science, community service, and non-profits for college and the job market.

Contact YAB via email at or check out our Facebook group!

Friends of Deckers Creek Youth Action Board

The Friends of Deckers Creek Youth Action Board (YAB) is an inclusive group that works to connect youth with their watershed in effort to cultivate a desire to protect its natural qualities and promote its recreational opportunities. We do this by going on monthly outings in and around the Deckers Creek watershed to learn about the ecology of the area and by working on projects to support our mission. YAB's mission is to increase youth participation in the restoration and conservation of the Deckers Creek watershed.
Suzanne Kepple
Suzanne Kepple8 months ago
YAB Trip to Otter Creek Wilderness! Aside from getting a little lost, we had a great time! Reminder: the next YAB meeting is this coming Monday, July 18th from 4:00-5:30pm at the Office.We will be discussing the workshop days with the Boys and Girls Club on July 22nd and 29th from 1-4pm, which we hope each Yabber can attend one of these dates. We will also be talking about repainting the YAB mural and Paint Exchange Day for Sunday July 31st!
Nathan Zucker
Nathan Zucker8 months ago
I made something out of our group picture. Suzanne Kepple Katie Zucker Bella Zucker
Nathan Zucker
Suzanne Kepple
Suzanne Kepple9 months ago
YAB Meeting and Water Filter Competition!
Suzanne Kepple
Suzanne Kepple10 months ago
Our next YAB meeting is Monday June 13th from 4-530pm! We will be finalizing the checklist for the YAB trip and brainstorm on workshop ideas for the Boys and Girls Club and Board of Education. Plus, we will be having a little water filter competition!
Holly Purpura
Holly Purpura11 months ago
Next YAB meeting will be pushed up to Monday, May 9th at 4:00PM so everyone can meet Suzanne Kepple, our new environmental education OSMRE VISTA!

She will be helping over the next year to spearhead environmental education efforts at FODC, and will be working with me to lead YAB events and activities.
Holly Purpura
Holly Purpura1 year ago
As a reminder, next YAB meeting is Monday, March 21st at 4:00PM. Hope to see you all at the FODC office!
Holly Purpura
Holly Purpura1 year ago
Mark your calendars! On Sunday, March 6th from 11am - 3pm, weather permitting, we are going to have an outing to the Virgin Hemlock Forest at Coopers Rock. We will carpool from the FODC office (205 Parsons Street, Morgantown, WV).

While enjoying the outdoors, we are going to plan activities for a series of 2 hour workshops that FODC and YAB will be holding over the summer focusing on Stream Pollutants, Youth Watershed Connections, the Impacts of Water Pollution on Land Animals, and Stream Restoration.