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Helping our community

One creek at a time.

About the creek

deckers creek waterfall

Meandering and descending through a steep gorge, this beautiful tributary is filled with waterfalls, boulders, and rock slides, making it an attractive destination for kayakers and rock climbers.

Meet the creek


Aluminum and AMD mixing

Over the years, Deckers Creek has suffered. Acid mine drainage (AMD) from West Virginia’s many abandoned coal mines and other pollutants harm the 64 square-mile watershed and destroy natural habitats.

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What we do


Friends of Deckers Creek works to clean up the decades of environmental degradation inflicted on our watershed through AMD remediation projects, trash clean-ups, community outreach, and environmental education.

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Ultimately, the restoration of the watershed is up to all of us.

Our volunteers and members are the lifeblood of our organization. Without them, we could not accomplish nearly half of what we do every year. FODC can always use your help with sampling, fundraisers, litter cleanups, gardening, or any of the behind scenes work.


A dedicated small organization

FODC staff works tirelessly to clean up the decades of environmental degradation that have been inflicted on the watershed. Over time we are improving the natural qualities of, increasing the public concern for and promoting the enjoyment of the Deckers Creek Watershed.

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