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In addition to cleaning up the creek and increasing public concern for its well-being, FODC aims to promote the enjoyment of the watershed. Deckers Creek features many fantastic recreational activities.


Many fish thrive in Deckers Creek, thanks to efforts to restore the creek's health. There are now fish living in reaches that at one point didn't contain any due to pollution.  Some fish that can be found in this creek include: brown trout, smallmouth bass, creek chub, blue gill, green sunfish, pumpkin seed, a variety of minnows, and yellow bullhead catfish.

Learn more: Fishing in Deckers Creek 2016 by Bill Pennington


The white waters of our creeks are perfect opportunities for seasoned kayakers to tackle. Many places around Morgantown even rent out kayaks for those wanting to ride down these beautiful white-water sites.

Watch: Deckers Creek Kayaking by Caleb Adams



Our forests and landscapes are rich in wildlife and geologic history, resulting in a variety of beautiful hiking paths.

Stop on down to the Outdoor Learning Park nature walk and explore the trails or at Whitmore Park to take in the sights and sounds of Deckers Creek.

Cross-country Skiing

The rail trail along Deckers is a fun and safe candidate for seasonal cross-country skiing when the watershed has been accumulating snow from our bitter winters.


Swimming is a well-loved activity, especially in the hot summers. Many sites in the Gorge area of Deckers Creek provide a great spot to cool off.

Swim at your own risk. Take caution during high flow events and directly after rainfall, as the creek can contain higher levels of pollution from Combined Sewer Overflows. Also, do not swim in areas with large amounts of AMD.

Please take what you bring with you and don't litter!

Hazel Ruby McQuain Park

The Hazel Ruby McQuain Park, located directly on the Monongahela River in downtown Morgantown, includes beautiful public art and a large stage overlooking the scenic river, where events are commonly held. Come see our mural here, which was painted with the help of the community.

Outdoor Learning Park

The Outdoor Learning Park in Sabraton is a beautiful addition to our watershed, built and maintained by volunteers of our community. Visit our Outdoor Learning Park page to find out more about this inclusive green space.

Rail Trail

The Deckers Creek Rail Trail extends for 19 uninterrupted miles along the creek. Start in Masontown, WV and pass by wetlands, waterfalls, the Outdoor Learning Park, and Marilla Park. As you arrive at Hazel Ruby McQuain Waterfront in Morgantown, the trail connects to the rest of the trail trail network that extends up to Point Marion and down to Fairmont.

Learn More: Rail Trail Information and Map