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Thank you to our donors.

Our work would not be possible without friends like you.


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Major Donors

R. Brent Bailey

Vicky Shears and Daniel Doyle

Theresa Alexander

Stephen Valentine

Earl Kennedy

Don Ferguson

Michael A. Breiding

Jacqueline Mier

George Street

The Rogers-Tanner Family Fund

Sarah Veselka

Rodney Rice


Susan Eason and John Haddox
Walter and Sarah Veselka
Kendra Hatcher and Adam Webster
Delbert Royce
CJ Cira
Tom and Susan Roberts
Brian Carlson
Carla Short
Tara Smith
Amanda Pitzer
Rick Landenberger
Nancy Abrams and Stanley Einzig
Robert and Miriam Miller
Eric & Krista Swager
John Evans
Sophia Peterson
Evan Hansen
Cheryl Brown and Corky Kershner
Beth Thomas
Edwin Hansen
Don Ferguson

Matthew Dalbey
Heidi and Thomas Kammer
Gwen Bergner
John and Virginia Bird
Krista Kent
David M. and Mary M. Burch
Edward and Patricia Cyphert
Rich and Bettina Dennis
Mike & Betsy Breiding
Dr. Barbara and Dr. Alan Ducatman
Scott Fogarty
Art Weldon
Judith Stitzel
Anna Withrow
Steven Runfola
Sara Anderson
Martha Ferguson
Debra and Kenneth Rodeheaver
John Hinnant
Hal Stuhl
Sabra Petersmann

Marc Tanner
David Hriblan
Paula Hunt and Tim Warner
Allan and Mildred Karlin
William Pennington
Mary Wimmer
Dale and Carolyn McVicker
Philip Shuman
Susan Olcott
Todd and Tricia Petty
Arts Monongahela
Cindy Ashworth
Brent Bailey
Thomas M. Belden
WV Conservation Awards Council
Katherine Payne
Susan and Victor Howser
John Muth
Carol Iapalucci
David and Marilee Hall
Andy Lindsay

John and Gloria Sofranko
Adam Polinski and Erika Pallie
Tom Pue
Anna Hathaway Runner
Kay Blaskovics and Family
Brianna Sheppard
Don Spencer and Carol Hamblen
Georgian Steinhardt
Petra and John Wood
David Woodall
Deborah Fulton
Ben and Alyse Gilmer
Brenden McNeil
Christian Root
Barbara Kent
John and Janie Balasko
Eileen Storey
Martha Ferris
David Yelton and Lillian Waugh
Mary Blount

Establishing Members

Barbara Brown and Lori Mueller, Pam Kasey, Steven Runfola, Susan and Donley Studlar,
and Ashleigh Nabers from WVU's Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences.