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Other Programs

Fish Stocking at the Gorge_160429

This past May marked the sixth year that trout have been stocked in Deckers Creek. With the help of Trout Unlimited and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, the brown trout fingerlings stocked in Deckers Creek...

...are surviving and thriving! Recently, we heard through the grapevine about a 14 inch brown off of Pioneer Rocks.

Read a fisherman's tale: "Trout Fishing in Deckers Creek 2016" by Bill Pennington


Rain Barrel Workshops

FODC has teamed up with the Morgantown Utility Board to hold several low-cost rain barrel workshops each year since 2018.

In the workshops, MUB Stormwater Engineer Ken Hacker and FODC Executive Director Sarah Cayton educate attendees on the impacts of stormwater runoff and on the process of setting up their barrel.

Interested in attending a future workshop? Follow us on Facebook, where we will post the registration.


Youth Action Board

The FODC Youth Action Board (YAB) serve as leaders and stewards in the Deckers Creek watershed through service learning activities. This group of youth aged 12 through 18 helps the community strive for cleaner water and a cleaner creek. YAB promotes youth participation in the restoration and conservation of the Deckers Creek watershed, along with sharing education of environmental processes and wildlife habitats.

YAB is always looking for new members! If you are 18 and younger, interested in helping our community and restoring the health of Deckers Creek, we want you with us! YAB is a great way to meet new, young people who care about the environment. It is also a fun way to gain experience in watershed science, community service, and non-profits for college and the job market.

Contact YAB at or check out our Facebook group!


Partnering with the Morgantown Public Library, FODC has held readings for our young friends of Deckers Creek at the Outdoor Learning Park.

Our past readings have focused on water, the earth, and birds, where we brought out some feathery friends of Deckers Creek thanks to the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia. We normally have an art activity alongside the reading.

Follow us on Facebook to keep an eye out for when the next reading is scheduled.


Green Business Coalition

FODC aims to combat other future threats to the creek through education about prevention. Thanks to the support of the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation, FODC has joined forces with Downstream Strategies and the Morgantown Green Team to promote sustainable business practices in the Morgantown area.

Morgantown City Council declared 2016 the Year to Go Green, and as part of this, over the past year, FODC has been establishing a Green Business Coalition in Morgantown to open dialogue with businesses to determine their current level of sustainability and to give them recommendations on what they can do  to save money while going green.

Interested in joining? Email for more information.